Gift Cards are a growing market

  • Gift card sales in 2005 were estimated at approximately $65 billion – up an estimated 24% from the previous year
  • The average consumer spent $233 on gift cards with an average value of $48
  • 92% of adults have gift card awareness - up from 76% in 2002
  • 59% of the American shopping public, 131 million people, has used or reveived a gift card in the past twelve months.

Benefits of using Gift Cards for your Business

  • Plastic gift cards outsell paper gift certificates 10 to 1
  • Card circulation helps build brand awareness
  • Declining balance keeps full cash value in store
  • 56% of customers spend more than card value
  • Powerful promotional tool for marketing campaigns
  • Electronic audit trail minimized losses
  • Merchant billboard in customers wallet

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